Think Space Invaders that ate Tetris, with Lasers. But with a modern distinctive 2D art style, tantalizing light effects and nostalgic synth tunes.

Puzzle Heads are invading! Fortunately you are equipped with an amazing combination of mirror crystals and the laser BEAM.

  • Reflect the BEAM to find the Puzzle Head’s weak spots.
  • The easiest path is not the path to a maximum score, and score matters when it comes to the leader boards!
  • Your life crystals are also mirrors, but they are fragile. So use them in tight spots, and use them to increase your score, but use them wisely.
  • When all else fails you can blast your way through the enemy defenses with your Ultimate Beam power up!



BEAM has grown duringĀ evenings and weekends since July 2015. It was inspired by the simple classics like Tetris, Space Invaders and Bubble Shoot.

It was the wall bouncing mechanic of Bubble Shoot that really was the seed for BEAM. I would always try to bounce the bubble even if I did not need to. So, with that in mind, BEAM came into being on a scrap of paper in almost the exact form you see it in here. (There might be a touch of melodrama in that origin story :D)

BEAM has been developed with java and libGDX (with box2d and box2d lighting) little bit of R.U.B.E